Saturday, June 17, 2017

Nyarlko-san 2 - Good-bye, Nyarlko-san

(This post was originally written back in 2012, when Haiyoru Nyaruko-san was airing.  I found episode recap posts to be too labor-intensive and stopped doing them, but this one was nearly complete.  I haven't done any additional writing on this post beyond what I did five years ago, in part because the series in question's style of humor got a bit stale as it went on and I lack the motivation to go back and rewatch it just to finish this post)

Our second episode opens with a brief recap of the first.  Immediately following this is a scene in which Nyarlko defends Mahiro from a horde of Nightgaunts with a new facet of her Space CQC: the Blasphemous Hand Grenade. (At this point, I feel as though I should make a joke about each appearance of this supposed "Close Quarters Combat" being less and less accurate with regards to its title, but since Mahiro makes that joke in the episode, it would be rather redundant).  After she finishes ridding the park of the foul creatures (as well as some unoffending dirt which was tragically caught in the crossfire), Mahiro berates Nyarlko for not doing anything other than defeating Nightgaunts as they attack, suggesting that she should attempt to be more proactive in finding their foes.  Nyarlko protests that it isn't that simple, then announces that they will be immediately going to R'lyeh to stop the monsters at their source, thus demonstrating that it is simple.
Ah, the Cthulhu Mythos. Where even something so simple as checking to see that the stars are in the right position requires the stars to be in the right position.
As we return from our Overly Energetic Opening, we are treated to a scene in which a bearded man (who shall be referred to as "Poseidon" for the time being) speaks to a random naked flaming girl (or possibly less random, given that she appears in the opening credits) about how the success of their plan depends on Nyarlko.  The girl asserts that nobody will harm Nyarlko.  What could they possibly mean?

We now see Nyarlko and Mahiro traveling through the ocean on the back of a giant frog-thing.  By sifting information out of a string of One Piece references, we learn two important things:
  1. Nyarlko has poor taste in anime.
  2. The two of them are traveling to R'lyeh

Sunday, June 11, 2017

RMN Anniversary Postmortem

With 10 days, 34 entries, and 39 participants, the RMN 10th Anniversary Retro Gamemaking Event is now finished.  Unfortunately, my submission is not.

Does this look like a finished game to you?
It's, well... not exactly unexpected.  I have a long commute to and from work, I spent the week that the event was going on dogsitting and unable to access my computer, I had some things to do on the last weekend that the event was going on, and even when I was available there were a few more hours that I could have spent working on my game instead of doing other things.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

What I'm Working On: RMN 10th Anniversary Project

I have to say, the best thing about not having any readers for my blog is that I don't have to feel worried about losing them when I forget to post anything for half a decade.

So, (henceforth RMN) just turned ten years old.  My first instinct is to say "So Old?", but then when I think about it a little more I wonder if so young? might be the better reaction.  I joined the site in July of 2011 (and had lurked for a few months prior to that), and the site already seemed as well established then as it is now, so it doesn't really feel right to me that the date that I registered an account is now closer to the site's founding than it is to the present day.

Before I go on to the main topic of this post, I will digress a little bit to clarify something that might be misinterpreted from the previous paragraph.  Though I said that I've been there for the majority of the site's existence, I haven't really been there.  As with pretty much every forum that I sign up for (or blog that I establish), I pretty much lurk and don't really contribute in any way.  Giving my history on RMN a quick glance, I have...
  • 2 games, both of which were small-scale things for contests.  Neither of which were good (the games, I mean.  The contests themselves were great).
  • 15 reviews.  Only 12 of these are still available due to some of the games being pulled from the site.  There's also apparently a review for MinST that I began writing and never finished (and now never will, as the game has gone some upgrades since I first played it).
  • 88 forum posts.
So overall, it looks like I contributed one thing every three weeks.  Not bad given my usual nonexistent presence in web communities, but also not as active as I'd like to be.  This goes double once you take into account that most of those things (especially the reviews) were bursts of activity, so the time between contributions is in reality even longer in most cases.

As a digression-digression since we're already on the topic of activity, I'll likely be queueing my RMN reviews for this blog.  I've already posted one such review a few years ago when the game was pulled by its creator, and now I'd like to finish the process with the others, even when they are still available.  This is definitely something that I am doing because I would like to ensure that my work remains accessible and easy to find, and not because this blog desperately needs content and I'm too lazy to come up with anything new.

So anyway, end digression.  Then end that other digression as well.  I'm going to be talking about the currently-unnamed project that I'll be submitting to the 10th anniversary event.

The game, in all of its incomplete, nameless glory