Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Visual Novel Review: Angel Beats! Track Zero Bonus Chapter

The Angel Beats! Track Zero Bonus Chapter visual novel is an adaptation of the bonus chapter from the Angel Beats! Track Zero light novel, which is the prequel to the better-known Angel Beats! anime series.  (In other news, people die when they are killed).  The visual novel was a side project made in the Ren'py engine by the Angel Beats! Visual Project, a group currently working on Angel Beats! Third View, a retelling of the anime through the eyes of a character who doesn't belong to the Battlefront.  (I say "currently working on", but as the last update to the development blog was 11 months ago, it may be safe to say that the project has found itself in the afterlife)
The Visual Project isn't an officially endorsed work, but it is a direct adaptation of one.

Pictured: Iwasawa, Hisako, and those two girls whose names you haven't bothered to remember before now