Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tari Tari Review: It's Everywhere...

I must admit, Tari Tari was something I probably wouldn't have watched had it not been for P.A. Works providing the animation.  The concept as conveyed through summaries didn't really manage to grab my attention, and even now that I have finished watching the series, it's not something that I'm really excited over.

It's about a Choir Club! (and sometimes badminton)

There are plenty of works out there that suffer from the problem in that "they Get Better".  We've likely all had this problem bite us at some point; Either we drop a show after the first few episodes, only to return years later and realize what we've been missing, or maybe we introduce friends to the work, only for them to drop it before they could know about that thing that makes the work truly awesome.  Tari Tari doesn't have this problem (indeed, I found the quality of the series to be quite consistent from start to finish), but rather the related problem of sounding uninteresting at first.


Then again, if the only thing that deprives the series of is a hook for peoples attention and being made by P.A. Works is enough of a hook on its own, maybe one shouldn't refer to such things as flaws.  Certainly, while it isn't an anime blockbuster, it hasn't had a significant amount of trouble in gaining viewers.

What of the content, then?  As mentioned earlier, the quality of Tari Tari remained fairly constant throughout its run.  If there were a complaint, it would be that the show was too ambitious for its own good: a subplot for each of the five central characters means that there's much less time to develop each subplot.  Taichi in particular seems to have been shafted, as his subplot (if it can even be called that) was resolved in the first third of the series.  Following this, he was essentially demoted to the role of "Extra in Konatsu and Sakai's subplot".

(Of course, it goes without saying that when I started watching this show, I figured that if anyone was going to get shafted out of an arc, it would be one of the two guys.

Things in the ending seemed somewhat rushed, particularly the sudden resurfacing of Sawa's subplot.  Overall, while the series was certainly something I enjoyed watching, I can't help but feel that it could have benefited from being more carefully planned out at the beginning.

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